We turnaround

Struggling small business.

If you need help, please we Volunteer our Time so book a Meeting and give us your problem, your CAC your growth Goals. We have 11 Minutes.

by turning $2600
in to $20k MRR, then
donating it back.

It's called Document, don't create.

Experts in the Best Part of Life.

Paid Media Mastermind(s).

Remember: When starting a Family Business, it will be a "money losing business first." No business makes money from Day 1 because that is called Selling Your Time. It's what prevents Wealth Creation. Never trade your time for your life. Life always comes first. So when we don't Raise Capital and instead capitalize on the super low interest rates in the Business Credit market while sitting tight in the Consumer-Side (by holding a home longer) we are Winning the Financial Gambit. Most non-Business Majors were never taught the ins-and outs-of High Finance, but luckily I got a 4 year Degree and finally at the Age of 38 it's useful. It's enabled us to bootstrap our Agency during the Long Recession, but the beginning edge of the Roaring New 20s. So Honey, It's not $59,500 in credit card debt.We are servicing $59k of debt for our Ai/SaaS Agency with 15 mo terms at 0%. Then we will renegotiate 3 months prior or renegotiate. Not everyone has a CFO as a friend, that's why we created the First AiEverything C-suite. We are not experts we just know how to use GPT4 from OpenAi and we teach you too!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Willamsburg Loft
Creative Studio
- Photo & Video Production
- 2 Blocks from the Subway
- Wabi Sabi Design + Natural Light
Rent on SplacerRent on Peerspace
Expense for work.

This is definitely not a cult.

We will teach you to do our Job. You will become the Experts in Paid Media, SEO, Google Reviews, and PR and you will pay us to be Partners. We accept!

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