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0 to 173k Uniques/Month in 26 Months for PixelTrue.com

PixelTrue Traffic Audit

ProductHunt is driving a ton of traffic

We know that the ProductHunt traffic is coming from their Growth Hack, but what about the other sites?

PixelTrue appears to have a strong relationshipwithAllTheFreeStock.com (possibly they own the site) and are getting featured as one of the top sources of Free Illustrations.

Backlinks from AllTheFreeStock
Free Illustrations

PixelTrue has created an entire set of 40 Free Diverse Avatars and is getting a good amount of traffic from this.

Pixeltrue free giveaway templates
You can download these on Gumroad

They're distributing the free Avatars through Gumroad, which I'm not sure why they're doing this, perhaps for the strong backlink? But they are allowing people to pay them for these Avatars, so perhaps there's some revenue coming in from this source.

Pixeltrue Gumroad page
Convert Clients Later into Subscriptions

Most likely not all of their Clients are going to be able to afford the ~$1500 of their lowest plan, so this might be a way to convert Clients at a lower cost and then re-market to them to get them to buy the more expensive service.

Pixeltrue social traffic
Reddit is the largest referral source from Social

Reddit appears to be yet another great traffic source for giving away their Free Illustrations.

Pixeltrue Reddit sources
244 Upvotes for Free SVG Illustrations

What's interesting here is to see which headlines are performing the best.

Surprisingly, the most simple headline has the most Upvotes:

So when publishing on Reddit, it's always worth changing up the titles to make them super short and concise and also the longer, storytelling titles.

PixelTrue Growth Hacking Audit

Pixeltrue producthunt strategy
PixelTrue offers free illustrations inside their Facebook Group

This is truly a great Growth Hack, because it combines a showcase of what PixelTrue can offer to its Clients as well as is providing free organic traffic from SEO as well as referral traffic via the ProductHunt Launch.

The Facebook group shares:

Actionable tips on how to increase sales and conversions with design! Also get updates on when we release free new content inc. free illustrations, UI designs and Graphics!
Pixeltrue facebook group
57 new members in the last week

This was a recent addition by PixelTrue on February 2, 2021 and I bet it's already paying a ton of dividends for them, as we can see from the Ahrefs traffic report.

57 new members joined this community in the last week, showing that it's relatively active.

Recommendation: Offer something free to your potential clients and create a Facebook group to continue to engage them. To automate the content offering, you can use Integromat/Zapier to push content automatically into the Facebook Group as soon as it's created.

PixelTrue Pricing Audit

Pixeltrue pricing
PixelTrue Pricing

There are three tiers of pricing from PixelTrue.

Typically the 2nd choice is the most appealing for a consumer, but I'm not seeing a compelling reason to pick the 2nd option.

There is no different colored button or any real differentiator here.

What's happening now, from a psychological perspective, is your consumer is facing a paradox of choice. There are three pricing plans which seem very similar, and for some reason, the most expensive option happens to have the least amount of features listed.

What is a really nice addition they have here is the "Try for 14 Days" buttons.

  • This makes the commitment not seem so high
  • And if you don't like what they're offering, you can cancel anytime, without a contract

Recommendation: Change the presentation of the most popular pricing tier and place it in the middle.

PixelTrue SEO Audit

Ahrefs rankings
PixelTrue keyword rankings

Almost all of the SEO traffic generated by PixelTrue is from one page:

This page is more of a micro-site than a section of their site.

They're using their in-house graphic designers to create free graphic illustrations for their clients.

This is a great way to bring in new clients because anyone interested in these illustrations could probably benefit from buying their own illustrations via a paid package from PixelTrue.

PixelTrue Desktop Homepage


PixelTrue Mobile Homepage


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