Frequently Asked Questions

What is CaptureAi?

CaptureAi is the first product to programmatically create professional lifestyle product photos without the expense of sets, models, styling and even photographers.

How does CaptureAi work?

CaptureAi converts a RAW image file into an (almost) real lifestyle image.

We pre-build Photo Templates that enable you to place your product into that shot.

Each Photo Template offers customization. The most common customization is changing the background color and sometimes setting.

What kind of RAW files do I need?

Products must be shot directly or slightly above the product to ensure we are able to embed the product into our Photo Template.

If you do not have your own RAW file images, Capture offers the service for just $39 per image.

All you need to do is ship the products to us and we'll capture the files and begin your conversion process. LLC
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