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Alex Bershaw

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Professional Photographer based in NY
His skyline panoramas unleash provocative aspects of city landmarks. His portraits evoke movie stills, frames of a story that came before and continues on. Looking at Alex Bershaw’s work, the viewer is treated to a hint of the long shadow cast by fleeting moments, a glimpse of the unexpected. Tapped into the living and breathing subculture that informs each scene, one wonders not so much what’s in these images as what’s behind and beyond them.

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Alex Bershaw has been a Professional Photographer for more than 12 years. Alex Bershaw is a local photographer serving Kings county. To give you an idea how local Alex Bershaw is, if you have the zipcode '11226' or area code(s) '917,718,212' then Alex Bershaw is so close that they can be booked with just 1 hours notice.

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