How to Display Digital Art (NFTs) in Your Home

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What is a Digital Art Frame?

If you’re asking yourself whether or not to buy that digital art frame that you recently saw on the internet, or if you’re wondering what the best resolutions are,  we got all the answers you need in this tutorial. 

But first of all, do you know what a Digital Art Frame is? If not, keep reading. If you do know, then, you may as well keep reading this tutorial. You never know you'll find some useful information you have never heard of it before.

Let's get into details. A digital art frame is a frame that displays any kind of art digitally, no need for a device or a printer then. It's the new way of displaying your favorite memories or your art collections easily and efficiently.

Where Can I Find Art to Display in my Digital Art Frame?

If you think about it, art can be found pretty much everywhere. But if you want to buy a unique piece of art, then you want to check out the following websites:

  • OpenSea
  • Nifty Gateway
  • SuperRare
  • Async Art

These are a few of the most popular marketplaces where you can buy NFTs art.

What Makes a Digital Art Frame Different than a TV or Computer Monitor?

TVs and computer monitors are useful to display digital art but they are not the best choice for it. In fact, a digital art frame allows you to display more than one piece of art or even multiple art collections without any extra effort. While computers and TVs will require external apps to download and display digital art.

What are the Best Sizes and Resolutions to Display Art?

Choosing the right size and the right resolution to display digital art is essential for a positive outcome. In the digital world, art is measured in pixels. Pixels are small dots or squares that compose a digital image. The reason why sizes and resolutions of digital art are so important, is because choosing the wrong size or resolution may potentially compromise your art. In particular, an image that is too small, so with a low number of pixels, will appear blurred when digitally displayed or even printed. While an over-size image may cause technical issues to your displaying device, such as digital frames, computers, or TVs.

For all those reasons, we believe the best size and resolution to display digital art to be 2000 pixels x 1200 pixels. That is considered the best size that will allow you to display your digital art effectively in any type of screen.

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Displaying Digital Art?

What Size and Color Digital Art Frame is Best for NFTs?

The way you will choose the size of your digital art frame to best display NFT art is by keeping in mind of the proportions. A big digital painting will require a digital frame large enough that will elegantly display it without appearing too crowded or unaesthetic.

The same rule should be applied when choosing the color. When picking the frame color, you want to look at the digital painting to see what the primary colors in it are. If your digital frame has mainly warm colors, then a brown or red frame may fit the best. You also want to consider the room style where the digital art will be displayed. You may prefer neutral colors best if those match with your interiors style and your digital art piece. Or you may choose bright colors.

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