How to Sell Photos as Photography NFTs (for beginners)?

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The blockchain is too fresh and untested for using it to sell photos as photography collectible tokens. If you want to invest in the future of photography - buy some NFTs now!

People who want to introduce tokenized collectibles, like artwork or one-of-a-kind jewellery--should be prepared for opposition from traditional collectors. All this means is that you should employ careful steps before launching your project. These steps will make sure no one stops you.

First, find someone you trust with experience selling what kind of art or objects are similar to yours. They can then help you set up your chain correctly and work out the best system possible for minting tokens and adding them for sale on your site.

But first - BASICS!

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible (NFT) tokens are crypto tokens that represent something physical, like a painting or square inch of the property. They are called non-fungible because two tokens cannot be readily substituted for one another.

NFTs can represent anything but the most popular type of digital assets represented by an NFT are game items (like pets in CryptoKitties) or retail inventories (such as paintings on OpenSea).

There are three types of NFTs: fungible representations of quality & quantity, single ownership profiles with quant id values that track history and events related to token ownership, and profiles activated with id numbers that track ownership capability rather than history/events.

What is a Photography NFT?

The photography NFT models a digital artwork or a photo. Unlike the ERC20, which is fungible, where one token can be replaced with another, a photography NFT cannot be replaced by another token.

A Photography NFTs has various use cases in the digital art industry. It can serve as collateral for an artist’s work in order for users to purchase it from them securely and efficiently or they can even use it to grant copyright permissions to visitors to visit their website and see the content that they have produced in an exhibition.

Can People actually make money with NFTs?

The crypto space is full of talk about NFTs all the time, but can people actually make money with NFTs or are they just for speculative purposes only? Best answers to your question are below. If you're confused, keep reading!

So what exactly are Non-Fungible Tokens? These tokens represent something its own kind. It doesn't derive it's worth in relation to another similar asset; these tokens cannot be substituted for any other token in their specific class.

For instance take this article, if I put it on our platform like an ERC-20 Token bearing the symbol "NYC", if someone else takes that article and replaces it with their own thing (another ERC-20 Token bearing the symbol "Palo Alto") that token has taken over your value.

According to many analysts, the real-world value of NFTs will only rise over time. One way token creators can maintain their value is by buying high performing funds, like the BAYC (Blockchain ETF).

To remain enticing for investors, franchises like the NFL should offer to buy tokens--preferably at discounted rates.

The reason that corporate investors should invest in NFTs is that they are generally not connected to any other financial instruments. Plus, there are more than 1 million crypto kitties while there are fewer than 1000 stocks listed on the New York stock exchange. It's clear that many believe NFTs will remain lucrative no matter how markets shift in 2021 or 2022.

What are the most successful Photography NFT Projects?

People have been getting interested in what is the next big thing in the market.

We have seen recent trends appearing with a focus on real property.

NFT tokens have been representing assets outside of digital assets,

like tickets, groceries, air miles, and even Wallets.

Mobile photography has reached near-ubiquity. Amazing optics are displayed with great software behind them. Photography NFT projects have emerged because so many people want to be photographers. These photographers are using their cameras to both paints and tell stories through pictures.

Art is evolving with the democratisation of the tools, process, and meaning of it being handmade.

We’ve gathered all the success stories within the high-stakes photography industry. The two biggest themes throughout these enterprises are how to capture unedited unrivaled authenticity and personalise each encounter.

What are some of the best cases for NFTs for Photography?

Can't find an overview of all successful photography NFT related projects? You should already be familiar with Marvel’s game, crypto kitties and KittyCam. But there are many other exciting projects out there like Nugget Status (Data Visualisation), Bosco’s Fruit Label, or Cryptocurrency Portfolios that deserve your attention!

What do you think is the most successful Kickstarter project that has to do with photography?

SnapSeed is an award-winning professional mobile photography app that not only provides image editing and sharing through the social media component but also plus augments its workflow to enable seamless transfer of raw camera images via data connection. This includes the ability to upload and share photos at any size and share them directly with or without editing to any number of social or personal accounts. It does this by enabling integration with Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

But SnapSeed's success project was not SnapSead app; it was Macopix - indie film camera in a box stuffed in a briefcase in 2005 in Kickstarter - which received $70K in financing in its initial day.

Where are Photography NFTs bought and sold?

Emerging from a myth-busting startup, where looksrare is taking photos from your phone and printing it as an NFT.

This is their first line of business, yet there’s already a host of companies using the prints as rewards for events or as marketing materials. Looksrare is growing quickly. On a daily basis, they’ve had more than 100 prints come in - corresponding to 75% of their inventory.

Looksrare works with about 10 different crypto-commerce marketplaces at the moment including Coinbase Commerce.

It has been very easy for some publishers to start their own crypto-commerce page on Coinbase Crypto Marketplaces due to multi-currency support on Coinbase's end as money can be transferred from one client's account to another client's account quickly and conveniently.


Opensea, an Austin based company's mission is making Sure “the work of photographers, designers, and storytellers shines apart from how much their work costs.” Models take care of booking themselves upon release of available work opportunities. When someone was interested in taking on a session with them, they would message the company utilising their chat service and would talk about any specs that couldn't be found online such as specific wardrobe or location specifics.


In the past few months, there have been a few cryptocurrency projects that started using photography as a legal tender to incentivize portraits of supportive backers. One such project is called looksrare which promises rewards in exchange for cryptocurrency to be paid out in any form of coin holders deem most valuable.


Another is Coinbase's christmas card project where photographers can submit images of holiday greetings electronically to earn payouts in bitcoin, ether, or litecoin.

With the growing use of photography in both life and industry continues photographing onto camera screens and social media where physical art is less important than it has ever been before, this proves that photography will be an integral coin in our future digital economy for years yet to come.

The only difference with their popularity is the manufacturing ability due to software advancement.

How can I Convert my Photos into NFTs?

Pretty soon you will be able to forgo creating the artwork, create the physical board game asset, hit print, package it in a business-grade plastic zipper bag or cardboard shoe box, ship it by boat at your expense to your designated fulfilment centre, and wait 9 months before you see your returns.

Digital art is being sold more and more in our society, but non-fungible tokens are not the only way to do it. Some people are using this method to sell off old Kodak moments. After downloading the free Opensea app, users can take regular photos that they take on their camera or phone and upload it into their own gallery. They set their price then upload the price token for spectators (newly-created market) for people to buy.

Instead of this painstaking process, you can create a photo-based token in 10 minutes with OpenSea’s non fungible token generator. You put in any image URL or upload an image from your hard drive. All limited edition supply tokens are capped at just 10 tokens per taking. For that purpose you’d firs need to, go to the app store and search for ""

Second, install the app and create a brand new conversion proposal.

Third, click on the arrow pointing downwards at the top left corner of the screen until a drop-down menu appears with a button labeled “start",press it.

Fourth, set up your coin distribution in your contract distribution input box - this determines how you will get paid when someone converts your token into Nuance Tokens within the conversion proposal.

How should I price my Photography NFT Collection?

Photography NFT Collectibles can be thought of in two ways:

-Establish fair and genuine price in the market.

-Make your supply match with your demand: The more you want to sell, the lower the demand should go.

All experienced creatives at different stages in their career will rate themselves differently when considering if their work is worth $100. To add to that, there isn't much precedent for pricing Photography NRFP Ventures because there is no such asset that can be traded on an exchange or any major platform yet except 0xProtocol. This new token standard for safe exchange rates using smart contracts opens endless opportunities for these dapps to unite under one umbrella for the new photography era.

How can I generate sales for my Photo NFTs?

One way is to create a campaign that invites buyers to trade their Hyperdragons rights or Aventurine infrastructure for your NFTs. These are often online-based communities of cryptocurrency traders who are eager to acquire something new, especially if it is rare.

Another way is to think of copywriting your tokens as if they have investment purposes. This can include

promoting ease of usability and ease of staking/selling procedures, investor protection safeguards, transparency about distribution methods, etc.

A great place to identify your niche is by looking at some of the top selling photos on ebay. Shopping on some of these sites will give you a sense of the type of subjects people are buying. Choosing some Hip-Hop or pets for sale immediately simplifies your search. This can be a unique way for people to maximise sales while profiting off their hobby.

Moreover, the increased use of social media as a leading vehicle for information and inspiration naturally leads to the question: how do we utilise photo non fungible tokens to utilise its digital properties and create scalable sales on social media?

Photo non fungible tokens, or unique digital art pieces as they are often called, can be considered as mini markets unto themselves. These works of digital art and photography incentivize buyers, and encourages them not only to purchase these tokens; but to learn more about this decentralised world that many still may not fully comprehend. You can use both social media and influencers on twitter or Instagram to get in touch with customers in the digital space already generating sales.

This strategy can be an effective way to increase awareness of your NDNFTs in both eBay and traditional markets.

Where can I learn more about Photography NFTs?

NFTs are a new form of digital collectible that hasn’t been tapped by brands yet. You can buy, trade, and sell NFTs giving you monetary independence from the website where the item was originally released from.

Ethereum gives us a great example of NFTs gone right. The first Neopet site a decentralized digital collectible/game hybrid called Cryptokitties.

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