Tired of cold emails? Here’s how you can significantly reduce the amount of cold emails you receive.

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You receive another email from a hungry SDR who wants just 15 minutes of your time. The problem is you don’t have the time and if you took every meeting, you’d never get any work done. The cold emails keep coming so you try clicking the unsubscribe link or ask to be taken off their prospecting list. Sometimes you lose your cool and say something your mother would scold you for.

Marking Cold Emails As Spam Isn't As Effective

You heard someone said to “mark them as spam” or set a filter or install some tool that can help screen unknown senders. It kinda works but the reality is that it’s the equivalent of bailing water in a sinking boat with a hole in the starboard side. What you need to do is plug the hole.

How To Really Stop Cold Emails

You plug the hole by removing your contact information from the major contact databases below. This isn’t a comprehensive list, we’ll add more later, but these are the big ones. And there are always going to be ways to acquire your email so it’s not going to eliminate 100% of cold email.

It will take about 10 minutes to fill out the forms. This should help reduce the amount of unwanted cold emails significantly.

Use These Links to Remove Your Email

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