Upgrade Your Product Photography in 2 Minutes With This Tip

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As an Ecommerce store owner, you have 100s of jobs, and for most of us, that also includes becoming a photographer.

Professional photographers have spent 10,000 hours honing their craft, so there's a lot to learn.

Thankfully, there are tutorials like this that teach Shopify and Etsy store owners quick hacks to make your photos look more professional.

How Can I Tell If I Have a 'Blue' Product Photo?

Take a look at this photo, does it look off to you?

remove blue from photos
Too much cool temperature

It's not your monitor.

This photo is blue.

Maybe these cotton swabs are designed for Smurfs and intentionally blue? Or most likely not...

So now that we know that our eyes are not deceiving us, how do we fix this?

Video Tutorial: How to Fix Blue Product Photos in 2 Minutes

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