What is an NFT Frame? Digital Art Frame for NFT Art

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Artists can now command thousands or even millions of dollars for their original NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are starting to be exchanged not just in digital marketplaces, but by legitimate auction houses.  

Meanwhile, NFT purchasers need a way to show off their own unique works of art.

In this article, we've gathered a list of the best NFT screens for digital artworks. In addition, you'll discover some advice on how to select the best one. In addition, we'll delve deeper into the world of crypto art and discover why it's become so popular recently.

The most popular NFT at the moment is a Beeple-crafted NFT that was auctioned off early this year by Christie's auction house for a staggering $69 million.

As the NFT space continues to develop, the key question that NFT collectors and purchasers are asking is, "How can I show my NFT?"

With the continual demand that is consuming the NFT system, there are numerous display devices and methodologies that have been pushed forward to fulfil this need.

The most prominent is the Qonos frame, whose stock ran out in a matter of 24 hours after it was released to the market. However, there are various alternative frames for NFT collectibles and art, each differing from the other based on usefulness and pricing. On this page, you will find some of the file formats that can be used to display NFT art and collectibles.

What is an NFT?

Blockchain technology and NFTs offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for artisans and content creators to monetize their work. Traditional galleries and auction houses are no longer the only places where artists can sell their work. When the craftsman sells directly to the consumer as an NFT, he or she can keep more of their profit. 

It is also possible to include royalties so that artists will receive a share of sales when their work is purchased by a new owner. This is a great perk for artists, as they typically don't get any more money after their work is sold.

NFTs can be used for more than just art. There have been auctions of themed NFT paintings by Charmin and Taco Bell, which have been used to raise money for charitable causes. Non-fungible toilet paper (NFTP) and Taco Bell's NFT art sold out in a matter of minutes, with the highest bids coming in at 1.5 wraps of ether (WETH)—equivalent to $3,723.83 at the time of writing.

NFT Trades Volume Floor
RTFKT - CloneX Mintvial 739 $8.63M 2.55
Wizards & Dragons Game (WnD) 3,688 $8.54M 0.17
Worldwide Webb Land 2,529 $6.17M 0.14
Crypto Bull Society 2,632 $5.95M 0.68
The Sandbox 408 $5.8M 0.63
mfers 3,352 $5.76M 0.19
CryptoPunks 15 $4.95M
Bored Ape Yacht Club [🔎 Rarity Explorer] 16 $3.99M 46.99
Desperate ApeWives 468 $2.66M 0.68
Decentraland 65 $2.42M 3.19

In February, a GIF depicting a cat with a pop-tart body, known as Nyan Cat, sold for about $600,000. As of late March, NBA Top Shot had produced over $500 million in auctions. More than $200,000 was paid for a single LeBron James NFT background.

In addition to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Lindsay Lohan, a growing number of high-profile celebrities are embracing NFTs.

What is a fine art frame?

Has making something to express yourself ever occurred to you? If this is the case, you are delving into a foundational concept in the world of fine art. It can be difficult to define, but in the most basic terms, fine art is something that has no real utility, but can nonetheless be invaluable.

To be considered "fine art," a work must demonstrate the artist's ability to express themselves creatively, even if the result may not appear to be visually appealing to everyone.

It could be an expression of a concept, an emotion, or a remark on social issues. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the concept of "art for art's sake" was born out of the growth of abstract art, which abandoned precepts of technical skill for chaotic, seemingly random depictions that were met with ridicule among the general public, but remained popular with many critics and continued to command large sums of money at auctions for the wealthy.

There are arguably some apt comparisons to be made here with the NFT market. However, NFTs generally do require some charm and aesthetic consistency.

But what about choosing a frame? Fine art is best depicted when coupled with a matching frame that is complimentary, often from a qualified vendor who can make recommendations.

If you're not familiar with the ins and outs of selecting fine art picture frames, having them done professionally is a smart option. Matting the artwork is an option that should be explored, as well as framing. Adding fine art matting to a landscape photograph enhances the image's depth and perspective.

What is a "Gallery Frame" for NFTs?

"Why spend a lot of money on something that you can't show off in real life?" is a common criticism of the NFT market. Some digital art players have and are building devices that can transform intangible artwork into something galleries and art collectors can display on their walls.

Digital art can be viewed on a computer, television, or even a digital frame. A distinct type of display is needed for digital art, however, in order to provide users with a customized experience and for aesthetic reasons as well.

Customers who buy NFTs from Beeple, the artist, receive them along with NFT display frames. Infinite Objects Inc. designs these display frames, which feature individual QR codes signed by the artist, placed in the back of the display frames, and then shipped to the clients in sleek gift boxes.

Qonos is a wall display that allows you to express yourself artistically in your office, room, or home. NFT art and memorabilia can be displayed in this bespoke digital frame. Proximity sensors and motion sensors are built into the high-tech digital display. The frame is finished in walnut, and it is flush-mounted. Art and artefacts worth more than $500 million can be viewed by owners of this hardware, which includes a digital art gallery.

What specs should I look for in a Museum-Quality NFT Frame?

An NFT frame is a collection of NFTs designed to showcase current NFTs in a new and exciting light. In the same spirit as ArtPunksNFT, the team behind Frames NFT has produced and designed the product. There are many additional items in the "Frames" collection that can be displayed together in a "Frames room," including framed artwork, carpets, vases, and sculptures.

Humans have always been fascinated by the rarest of things. For this reason, diamonds, gold, limited-edition autos, and authentic artwork are among the most costly goods on the earth.

Meanwhile, all that's changed with digital collectibles is the concept of what it means to own something, as there is no physical product.

How, for instance, can anyone claim that it's a good value to spend millions for the rights to a digital image that anyone can see?

Digital collectibles of all kinds are a big trend right now, not only in art, but in Bitcoin, video games, and more, and if enough people find it intriguing, that translates to monetary value.

For a fair amount of money, artists used to sell reproductions of their work around a decade ago. These days, they can earn thousands or even millions of dollars for their labour. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are traded in the same way as in real art exhibitions. In addition, the new owners have the opportunity to display their own pieces of art.

Artworks of great significance need to be displayed in settings that are just as attractive. Our selection of the best NFT screens for digital artwork is a result of this. There are also some recommendations on how to select the best one. As part of our discussion, we'll also take a look at crypto art and why it's been so popular recently.


Showtime is working hard to establish itself as the first NFT social network. Showtime quickly developed an attractive user profile that prominently showcases all of your NFTs after you connect your crypto wallet to the site.

At present, the interface resembles that of Instagram in both feel and appearance. You can follow other users, leave comments and likes on any of their NFTs, and even make offers to buy work from other people's collections if you want to do that. 

People unfamiliar with the blockchain frequently find the best entry point to be websites that make engaging with it as simple as possible. Showtime does an excellent job of evoking that familiar feeling while also enhancing the visual appeal of your NFTs.


Lazy, an online NFT art gallery founded by Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban, is a newcomer to the crypto art market. To be fair, the site's beta version provides a simple and uninspiring way for collectors to showcase their NFTs online.

Lazy is still a work in progress at this point. Unlike Showtime, this site does not have any of the social aspects that are essential for collectors to share their NFTs. However, I'm hopeful that Lazy will soon stop living up to its moniker and begin offering more intriguing methods to interact with NFTs.

How can I resize my NFT for an NFT Frame?

The first real-world gallery to exhibit NFT art was located in New York City.

It's also important to mention Beeple, who has yet to make his first foray into creating tangible NFTs. It will be introduced in late 2020 as part of his "BEEPLE: EVERYDAY" collection, which will consist of physical tokens such as a high-resolution screen and an authentication certificate signed by him. As recently as late April or early May 2021, the same physical token sale for his spring/summer collection will be repeated.

NFTs and physical art can be morphed into each other, or the other way around, depending on the imagination of the creator. However, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind when it comes to displaying the art. The most important thing is to determine what you want your collectors to think of you.

The many marketplaces that allow you to produce art tokens have already made it possible to tokenize a physical work of art. On the other hand, the physical implementation of NFTs is still in its infancy, is expensive, and will likely need to be improved upon.

Meural and Qonos both make digital frames that are very comparable.

Can NFT Frames display GIFs?

Tokenframe displays have a variety of frames to pick from, which is a fun feature. Choose from birch, mahogany, black, or white frames in a variety of styles. With either a 2K or 4K display, you can choose an anti-glare screen to display your favourite NFTs.

Displays can be mounted on a tabletop or on a wall, depending on your preference. It doesn't matter what kind of display you choose; they all come with a rotating wall mount that allows you to rotate your display 90 degrees, much like your smartphone. Stereo speakers, headphone and speaker connectors, and unique blockchain-backed software are also included in each display.

App-based control is my favourite feature of the Tokenframe display. With this software, NFT fill/fit, border colour, border width, and other smart settings can be changed with ease. Simply log into your web3 wallet using Metamask, Fortmatic, or WalletConnect, all of which are integrated inside the Tokenframe app, to access your NFT collection.

To display NFT art with animations, Infinite Objects Inc. develops digital frames. They refer to themselves as "video print on demand services" (VPODS). GIFs, memes, and other forms of animation are all supported.

Video prints with QR codes linking to unique verification data are now being produced by Netgear subsidiary Infinite Objects, a Netgear firm. On the back of the frames, you'll find the artist's name and signature. The battery life is roughly 2 hours, and the high-quality display shows you all of the elements and functions in your digital painting.

How much do NFT frames cost?

Many crypto art aficionados have turned to digital photos and video frames as a means of bringing NFTs to life on their walls in the last decade. A wide variety of frames are available at a variety of price points.

"Video Print" by Infinite Objects stands out from the rest of the digital frames on this list. Video plays indefinitely on the company's 5" and 7" monitors. No further apps or software are required. Infinite Objects allows customers to upload their own video that is then incorporated into a frame prior to shipping when purchasing the frame.

As long as you have the video clip saved on your device, you can add any NFT from your collection (or someone else's, for that matter) to an Infinite Objects frame. For a bespoke frame with an 854x480 display, prices start at $79.

What are the existing Digital Picture Frames on the market?

1. NETGEAR Meural Smart Digital Photo Frame

On the list, the NETGEAR Mural is one of the most eye-catching frames there is. It also has a slew of tools for enhancing the quality of your viewing experience. In addition to full HD, IPS anti-glare, and TruArt technology that simulates lifelike viewing from every angle, you can put photos and videos directly into the Meural.

It's possible to put the Meural on a counter top or mount it to a wall. The size is ideal for most digital work, and you can rotate it in any direction to fit your needs.

Because this frame links directly to your phone, you may construct a playlist of current events and watch them later on. Alternatively, you may send the photographs to a relative who lives in a different country. With just a few clicks, you may relive great moments with loved ones as well.

2. Meural Canvas II – The Smart Art Frame

The Canvas II is one of Meural's finest displays, and it's one of the best on the market. An anti-glare surface and an HD resolution of 1080p are included with the screen. With TrueArt Technology, this digital frame shows your artwork in the greatest possible light and displays your photographs exactly as they appear in the real world.

The dimensions of your wall and the content of the artwork should be taken into consideration when choosing a frame. Additionally, the Canvas II frames can be hung vertically or horizontally. The swivel option is also available, which can be used in either orientation.

The smartphone app makes it simple to upload photographs and adjust the frame's settings. In general, Meural is easier to use on Android devices than it is on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

If you're in the NFT market, don't hesistate to treat yourself to a quality digital frame that will allow you to enjoy your artwork of choice with as much customization as needed.

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